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Everyone is a guest prior to becoming a customer, isn’t it? You just don’t jump on the bandwagon without knowing or experiencing a company’s service. It isn’t a new thing to understand the importance of guests review/post or their overall contribution in helping a business grow. After all, business is all about satisfying its customers/guests (no pun intended). How an organization grows is fully dependent on its customers or guests and their most valuable feedback and posts. How preposterous would it have been if Microsoft continued its production of Windows Smartphones even after receiving a copious amount of atrocious feed backs from its consumers? (luckily, they didn't). But, that showed how important your customer's role is in determining your business growth. Unless you're Apple and you somehow manage to get away with the infamous notches every single time (cheeky!), if an enterprise is serious about its growth, customer/guest posts and their contribution to your product plays the most vital role.

This is the reason why we are starting a new fashion guest post that will enable our guest to blog about our products and fashion write for us directly and also share their most valuable insights. We at GirdleBound understand that we have a large number of competitors in the lingerie business segment. The business is as stiff and challenging like never before. That is why we are dedicated to delivering the absolute best and also something unique that no one offers, your fashion blogs and fashion feedbacks would help us immensely in understanding how we can further improve our services to serve you/our customers better and also make other guests know more about us.

The purpose of starting a dedicated fashion guest post is not restricted to just allowing our guest to post their fashion blog, magazine or to simply fashion write for us. We will ensure that all your blogs and contributions are read and examined with utmost importance so that all the valuable fashion guest post are utilized in the most effective way.

We believe and aim to achieve the following results by allowing our guest to fashion write for us by starting this dedicated fashion guest post – 

  • Healthy Relationship With our Customers

Your post will help us immensely to build a healthy relationship with our customers. Your fashion blogs can help our customers to understand the importance of lingerie in a better light. The misconception of relating lingerie only to sexual intentions remains a relevant problem even today. You can help our customers eliminate that kind of skepticism so that they can shop more freely. This, in turn, can help us build a better relationship with our customers.

  • Additional assurance of quality and trust.

When you are dedicated customer to a particular brand, you feel obligated to overlook some of its shortcomings. This can be seen actively in the Smartphone market in particular (not taking names). The fact that our fashion blog post will be contributed by the guests instead of our customers will only add more assurance and trust factor. Coming from a guest is more believable since the post will be totally from an impartial point of view. This will allow readers and customers to take the post more seriously instead of treating it like a normal affair.

  • More information about us and promotion

It’s no secret that the role of promoting a product plays the most vital role. We may as well be selling the best quality products, but if there is no promotion about it, it’s the equivalence of not owning a business in the first place. Your fashion blogs would help us get our products noticed from different people apart from our existing customers.   

There are some key features that we will be looking for while accepting or reading our fashion guest posts. After all, we want quality fashion blogging that can make a significant contribution. A blog about “how one can live even without owning a single pair of lingerie” doesn’t really help our business, does it? So, please post only the fashion blogs that are related to our website, and that can help our business and ultimately enabling us to provide better products and services to you and our customers.

Here are some rules that you will have to follow and key features that we will focus on while accepting your fashion Blogs.

  • Relevant Content

As already stated above, your fashion blogs must be related to the service that we offer. It should be something that we can utilize to help us improve our services. It can anything related to fashion that can promote our website as well. Your fashion blogging can help other customers understand our website and the service we offer in a better and detailed manner.

  • Word count limitation

It goes without saying that, we are not looking for J.K Rowling or Jeffrey Archer quality of fashion post. Of course, they aren't minutely related to fashion blogs, but that's the whole point. We aren't looking for a Novel based on the importance of lingerie (if that is even a possibility). We want to limit the fashion blog to 1000 word count. This doesn't mean we are trying to limit your contributions somehow, but the fact is Blogging is a whole new, different art of writing. People reading your fashion blogs won't have the time to dedicate 2 – 3 hours of their time reading it. The blog should be effective and simple so that the readers can get the maximum information out of the 1k word fashion blog.

  • A Link to Your Website

After spending your valuable time writing for us, we would like you to share a link to your website. This is to ensure that we keep in touch for any future requirements. We will certainly appreciate good contents for our fashion blogging, and if that helps our customers as well as others to take notice, we would like to keep in touch with you certainly. Your most valuable and quality post can do wonders for our business, and our customers and readers would want to check out your works as well. Hence, a link to your website would help you immensely as well.

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